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Fundamentals of Fish Marketing in Nigeria   Ahmadu Tafida

Fundamentals of Fish Marketing in Nigeria

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the last few decades,fisheries and in particular aquaculture have witnessed an unprecedented growth in Nigeria. However, the full benefits are far from being fetched due to inadequate knowledge of the market for fisheries product and the risk factors surrounding the business. The recent concept of commercial agriculture in Nigeria has changed the perception of Nigerian fishermen and fish farmers in understanding marketing not only as an integral part but also as a major component that occupies a critical position in the overall fish production process. Therefore, to be on-course, our fish farmers and marketers need to be adequately equipped with technical information on critical issues and problems surrounding fish marketing and provided with marketing strategies in its simplified form that can easily be adopted and practiced in order to excel in their businesses; the core areas addressed by this book. Essentially, the book aims at taking fish farmers and marketers in Nigeria to...
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