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Place Marketing Techniques to Attract New Residents to a City   Priit Rosin

Place Marketing Techniques to Attract New Residents to a City

64 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study explores what strong brands possess and what places need in order to brand themselves successfully. To research cities that have been successful in branding themselves and to contrast those cities that do not possess strong brands. The reader is given information about why cities need to be branded like commercial products in order to be successful. The focus of this study is a city of Parnu in Estonia. Parnu is fourth most populous city in Estonia with about 43 000 inhabitants. The purpose is to explore a place’s image creation, promotion of it and how to apply findings to the city of Parnu. It is possible for a poorly branded city, with the right strategy, to turn itself into a success. This cannot be done by branding alone. The city needs all of the other factors outlined in this study to work simultaneously in order to ensure a formula for city brand success.
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