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Assessment of Marketing Strategy A case of Brewery Industry   Chalachew Adege Eshetu

Assessment of Marketing Strategy A case of Brewery Industry

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ultimate goal of any business establishment is to remain in business profitably through production and sales of products or services. Without optimal profit, a business firm cannot survive. One of the core activities in a business company to stay in business is having a well developed marketing strategy. The ultimate success or failure of a company depends on its marketing strategy. So, it should be implemented effectively to achieve the company’s objectives. Having this in mind, this book has been designed to assess the marketing strategy practices of Brewery factory in light of an integrated framework. Both primary and secondary data collection instruments were used to collect data. Closed ended and open ended questionnaires along with interviews were used for the purpose of data collection. The selections of the respondents were carried out by using purposive sampling research method because no other departments were concerned about marketing strategies and the researcher took...
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