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Marketing Strategies of Chinese products in India   Yogesh D. Mahajan

Marketing Strategies of Chinese products in India

368 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There are lot of Chinese products in India. You will see them on roads. The hawkers, pull carts in addition to shops are selling them in India. Some have a fixed price tag like “Any item for Rs 30/-“. Some sell different items at different prices. Bargaining is also done. If you demand for low price, most probably you will get it. The products range from variety of toys like dolls, cars, motorcycles, railways, ludo games, balls, pens, automatic erasable boards, pencil radios, pencil batteries, home tools, feng Shui items, clocks and watches etc. Same is the case with mobiles and its accessories. You will see lots of mobile stores in India selling Chinese mobiles and accessories. Why are there a lot of Chinese products in India? Marketing strategy used to market Chinese products has succeeded in attracting Indian consumer towards its products. Small and medium enterprises from India have been finding it difficult to compete with these Chinese products. There is a need to study...
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