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Malaysian Chinese Consumer Behaviour   Jean Chii Ong

Malaysian Chinese Consumer Behaviour

120 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Malaysian Chinese is unique and highly distinctive among the ethnic Chinese. They are living in multicultural environment and having highly westernised lifestyle. Thus, this work is attempt to explore new insight and develop further knowledge of Malaysian Chinese consumers’ (aged 25 – 34) behaviour which has been under-researched for sometimes. Previously, marketing researchers (Ong, 1993; Mokhlis, 2009) found that there is no homogenous among Malaysian Chinese in terms of ethnic attitudes and consumer behaviours. Therefore, it would be appropriate to explore Malaysian Chinese’s ethnicity ties and self ethnic identification, because it is important in determine continuation of Chinese culture influence. Moreover, this work will also continue to unfold the affect of Chinese culture influences on Malaysian Chinese consumers’ perceived value in consumption. Furthermore, the qualitative research approach has been adopted in this research. Three naturalistic group interviews and two...
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