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Disability & General Education System of Pakistan   Neelam Saeed,Nayyab Zaka and huma Butt

Disability & General Education System of Pakistan

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Physically Disabled people are familiar to every class, culture and society. The number of moderately and severely disabled persons was 250 to 300 million in 1990 (Helander, 1993). Stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities has always been a problem. Community Attitude had always been stigmatizing and discriminating towards disabled people. There are many negative attitude, cultural myths and superstitious beliefs towards Person with Disabilities in Pakistan. In Pakistan the disabled persons are generally insulted and rarely function as useful members of society. Most of the public places like shopping malls, railway stations, Hotels, and cinemas, educational institutions, in the country do not cater to the mobility and access needs of the physically disabled persons, ramps for wheel chairs are absent are the gradient is too steep for PWDs to use independently; public buses are not accessible to disabled persons.
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