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Job Satisfaction among Medical Teachers   Kavita Bhatnagar,Amarjit Singh and Kalpana Srivastava

Job Satisfaction among Medical Teachers

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Job satisfaction among health-care professionals acquires significance for the purpose of maximization of human resource potential. In a teaching hospital, where doctors are playing dual role of teaching as well as patient care, this may have wider ramifications. The discontent of faculties may get translated into their academic output, and may influence the morale and attitudes of medical students to the profession. At the same time, poor job satisfaction of these physicians will adversely affect patient care. The question at hand is to evaluate the motivation level of the doctors or other health care professionals who hold the health of the public in their hands and shape the attitudes and aptitudes of the budding generations. There is no study available on medical professional in terms with the standard measure to evaluate the same .The questionnaire developed out of the work is a good tool to be used in the medical scenario with adequate reliability and validity .The present study...
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