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Factors Influencing Grade 12 Results   Humbulani Nancy Mutshaeni

Factors Influencing Grade 12 Results

212 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study aimed to find out what influential factors made the difference between high-performing and poorly performing schools, by comparing those that performed well with those that performed badly. Data were gathered by means of questionnaires, and structured interviews were conducted with principals. The data from both groups of schools were compared in order to test the 18 hypotheses on the influence of different variables. Results from the questionnaires were analyzed by means of Frequency analyses and descriptive statistics and chi-square analysis. The results suggested that the most important variables were those relating to interpersonal relationships, specifically those involving different types of contact. These results were also better where there was frequent contact between parents and teachers. The results of this study and in this sample area suggest that a school’s management style is much more important to Grade 12 performance than the provision of funding and...
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