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Scientific Creativity   Caroline Chumo

Scientific Creativity

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ability of secondary school graduate to utilize the acquired knowledge and skills in a new way for personal technological or economic development is of great value in the 21st century. The concern of most science curriculum documents is to promote learning activities that enable learners to acquire scientific creative skills. This demand for a paradigm shift in the instructional strategies used by teachers in science lessons. This book explores the use of Practical Investigation approach with an aim of enhancing learners scientific creative abilities.It addresses the question: What if learners are given a scientific problem which require them to devise means and ways of solving it? The essence of giving learners laid down procedures to carry out certain experiment to prove established facts may give the impression that the famous scientists also followed some laid down procedures to come up with a given scientific body of knowledge.The scientific knowledge acquired by the learner...
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