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Education and Social Mobility of Scheduled Castes and Backward Tribes   Sreekala Edannur and Santhiya Sundararajan

Education and Social Mobility of Scheduled Castes and Backward Tribes

84 страниц. 2015 год.
Scholars' Press
India is one of the most stratified societies in the world. Social, economic and cultural differentiation in India is represented by the institutions of caste, class and tribe. These characteristics also makes India a closed society where it is very difficult for individuals to move upwards from their class of origin. This piece of research details the status of education and social mobility among the SC/BT community of union territory of Puducherry in India. Most of the people living here, especially SC/BT community, are not even aware of the facilities available under government assistance in their state for accessing education. Those who live in village are engaged in menial manual work. They do not mingle with other (caste) people. Their education would stop at primary level and they are never aware of significance of attaining education. This book presents a detailed account of SC/BT community of Union Territory of Puducherry in India. The extent of educational and occupational...
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