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Meaningful Access and Quality of Preschool Education in India   Neelam Sood

Meaningful Access and Quality of Preschool Education in India

124 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"It is rare to read a research report that paints such a vivid picture of preschool education across a variety of conditions. Dr. Sood utilizes qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate opportunities for early childhood education in 28 settings in Madhya Pradesh.In the process of assessing the accessibility and quality of early childhood education in the region, Dr. Sood reveals many contemporary challenges faced by government-sponsored preschool programs. She presents these concerns in the light of educational policy perspectives that have characterized the early childhood field at the state and national level for the past 40 years. By capturing the perspectives of parents and teachers through her interviews, Dr. Sood’s work calls for a change in the approach to and delivery of early childhood education and challenges advocates of young children to listen and to do better" ----- Review by Dr. Suzanne Lamorey, Associate Professor, ...
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