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Supplementary Book II   Osmany Aguilera Almaguer,Madelin Aguilera Borjas and Frank Robin Miller

Supplementary Book II

132 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Our objective in this book is to offer texts and exercises suitable for students to link their knowledge about speech acts, rhetorical and pragmatic patterns, features of scientific discourse and reading and communicative skills and apply them to the comprehension and integration of information concerning with a certain scientific topic. Our objective, as professors, is to train our students for applying analytical, comparative, evaluative and critical reading from a systemic-pragmatic approach. Hence the texts included in the book have been selected deliberately as they are concerned with each unit/topic from different points of view, focusing to the topic from different approaches, from different sources centering attention on various points about the same theme. This book deals with three general scientific themes arranged into three units consisting of four sections: Audial Practice, Reading Practice, Oral Practice and Professional Writing. Most of the texts used are original...
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