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Non-formal Education and Its Socioeconomic Impact   Md. Amirul Islam and M. A. Basher Mian

Non-formal Education and Its Socioeconomic Impact

324 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Formal education is a time, age and institution based process. In broader sense, education is a continuing and permanent process that extends from the cradle to the grave and may take place any where, any time in many forms or ways. This alternative process of learning, ‘non-formal’ education provides opportunity to those who could not achieve formal education for reasons whatsoever. The study assesses the socio-political awareness of the people (NFE graduates) who took the non-formal education from the selected three government and non-government institutions. It has been found from the study that NFE graduates are more effective regarding life skill, security, family planning, legal & media awareness compared to their matched pairs and females did better than their male counterparts in this regard. The observed difference is highly significant.
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