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Emotional intelligence and adolescents   Shivani Bindal

Emotional intelligence and adolescents

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The period of adolescence is known as period of “emotional upheavals” with various types of tensions, uncertainties, failures and frustrations, which may be dealt more effectively through proper direction and guidance by utilizing the emotional intelligence as an aid. The country’s success in various fields of life depends upon proper guidance of adolescents. Every teacher and parent must know about the nature and changes emerging in transition period from childhood to adulthood.They must also know the various problems faced with developments,and ways to deal efficiently with the problems of the adolescents.Teacher and parents can play a very constructive role in helping adolescents in solving their problems and confusions through proper guidance.The adolescents,craving for identity must be fully recognized and it should be clearly understood that adolescents want to be identified as adults.The present study is concerned with finding out the direction and the degree of differences...
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