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Memory and Writing   Farouq Zaabab

Memory and Writing

128 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In real life memorizing and writing are inseparable.For example, students cannot answer exam questions if they do not remember their lectures, your child cannot write your name if She/he cannot remember the letters, and you certainly cannot write your phone number if you do not remember the digits. Thus, whenever someone is asked to write, she/he is actually asked to remember. The question then is how can one remember more and write better with what he or she remembers? This book is written to answer these and other questions.It is composed of two parts: a theoretical part and a practical one. The first part includes a step by step approach to writing called "the Process Approach" combined with a collection of Memory Strategies, which will help you to improve your memory capacity to perform better in real life tasks. These strategies were used by the Memory masters of ancient Greece and China; those who have used their Memory to the limits. The book's practical part is an actual...
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