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Research By Genius Qazi   Khurram Ashfaq Qazi

Research By Genius Qazi

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book tells about the Test Checking System and enhancement made by IK Soft for the System. Normally tests are checked manually. There is a chance of mistakes in checking. Four International Publications by author / System developer. It is also difficult to check a number of tests in a short interval of time. For the ease of checking tests in lesser time and with greater accuracy, we have to design a software application. There is a central database that has all information about test i-e it will have correct answer. Administrator can update database. The software will get a scan copy of test answer sheet, process it and shows the result within seconds. Actually the user/administrator will get input the scanned image of both master copy and hard copy multiple choice questions answer sheet test to be checked. The application will first check either the test has noise or not. If test contains noise due to some external effects, it will first remove noise from the test and...
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