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The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Labour Force in Tanzania   Isaiah Joseph

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Labour Force in Tanzania

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HIV/AIDS scorge presents various challenges in all aspects of Development in developing countries Tanzania in particular hence the future availability of Labour Force will depend on Demographic impact of the disease. This study investigates the Impacts of HIV/AIDS on Labour force in Tanzania; the case of Makete District. Recognizing the Important role that Education sector can play to reduce risk of losing Labour Force the study involved 148 respondents from selected institutions in three wards of Makete District. The study shows that HIV/AIDS has tremendous effects in the District. The Respondents have reported that HIV/AIDS has caused various impacts on Labour Force in Education sector such as increased orphans, absenteeism from work places, loss of morale, recruitment costs and training costs. It was also noted out that HIV/AIDS has become a problem in Education sector and big percentage of students and teachers are at risks of being infected with HIV.AIDS.
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