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Quality of Free Primary Education in Kenya   Nalianya Robinson Mbako

Quality of Free Primary Education in Kenya

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book investigates the effect of free primary school education on quality of education in Kenya and examines quality indicators or variables like class size, availability of teachers and resources like desks, books and other learning resources and funds in FPE program, all this in relation to quality of FPE, its efficiency and sustainability. It tries to examine studies done from different parts of the country in regard to FPE as indicated in the literature review of this study.Quality of education refers to excellence in the practice, continuous improvement and efficiency in utilization of available materials and manpower, looking at the cost of education and its sustainability. Quality education is the education that empowers individuals to increase their productivity by developing new skills, attitudes, behaviors, practical knowledge and develop effective and innovative ways of thinking.This book is expected to be utilized by all educationists and other stakeholders in ensuring...
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