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Fundamentals of School Guidance and Counselling for Teachers   Susan M. Mbugua- Macharia

Fundamentals of School Guidance and Counselling for Teachers

212 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
About the Book School guidance and counseling is part and parcel of an effective education programme. This is the first book that contains the entire package needed by teachers and Practioners to equip clients with requisite knowledge and skills to respond appropriately to challenges encountered in daily living. Teacher trainees will find it very resourceful in their professional preparation. Counselling theories have been discussed in a simple, clear yet concise language which makes the book an easy read text. The objective of writing this book is to provide the guidance and counselling personnel in schools and colleges with a variety of theoretical perspectives, techniques and helping skills that may serve as the starting point towards preparing their students cope with life’s issues. Practical ways of assisting individuals to effectively manage common issues that may hinder them from growth and achievement of their highest potential have been explored in light of social and...
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