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Quality of Service in IPVPNs   Chittaranjan Hota

Quality of Service in IPVPNs

204 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today’s world, many e-business initiatives such as workforce optimization, customer care, e-commerce, and corporate communication often depend on unprecedented levels of network access and agility. Pursuing these initiatives needs complex networking, dedicated IT resources for 24-hour monitoring and management, and cost-effective integrated voice and data services. In the face of these demands, many business houses are reassessing their corporate networking infrastructures and seriously considering out-sourcing alternatives. Service providers offering managed IPVPN services can help corporate business meet today’s challenges. The primary function of an IPVPN is to provide cost-effective, secure connectivity over a shared infrastructure with identical policies and service attributes that the enterprise enjoys within its dedicated private network. This monograph describes algorithms for building dynamic and resource-assured managed VPNs that can satisfy users of the VPN as well as...
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