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Human Cnc Machine Interaction   Imtiaz Khan

Human Cnc Machine Interaction

332 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The findings of this work can be directly applied to the practical field which will improve the design of a CNC-machines system. This work suggests that those responsible for the function and operation of CNC-machines workstations would have to redesign the system to reduce injuries, as far as musculoskeletal and other related problems are concerned. The present results can be quite useful for the system designers of tomorrow. It can be said emphatically that the applications of ergonomic principles in the design of CNC machines and interfaces would help not only to enhance machine performance and productivity, but also help human operator to be comfortable and secure. Since, in recent years vast majority of companies have acquired Automated Manufacturing Technology in order to be competitive, hence considerations of ergonomic and safety aspects are of utmost importance.
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