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Alternative Power Supply System   Joseph Chinedu Chinaka

Alternative Power Supply System

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Alternative Power Supply System is an Innovative, educative, occupational and career oriented book. It is written for all levels of student seeking knowledge in the field of science, electronics and power Engineering Technology. This book teaches step by step the art of alternative power production to any person that has the interest in producing local electrical power.It is very exciting seeing yourself building your own electricity. In this book, you are shown how to do it. In case, you want to be a business owner, this book will guide you on how to become self employed and build your own business empire. If you are one that does something with power electricity, either in your home, office, work place or anywhere else, then this book is for you; as it will guide you to build your own power supply and spend little or nothing on the National grid mains supply. Enjoy your reading and training!
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