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A Comprehensive Approach To Educational Psychology   Rahim Khan

A Comprehensive Approach To Educational Psychology

632 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A Comprehensive Approach to Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counseling is based on a broad and dynamic concept of education and Guidance. Attempt has been made to outline balanced and pragmatic program for the all round education, Guidance and Development of all types of children in practically all fields of their life, in and out of home and school. Efforts have been also made to make the study as helpful as possible for all those who are keen to base the Education and Guidance of children on modern scientific lines. The study is effective both for teachers and parents as well. Mainly the study focuses on the Concept of Educational Psychology, Research Methods, Growth and Development, Motivation, Individual differences, Special Education, Mental hygiene, the psychology of learning, Psychological testing, Human needs, Guidance and Counseling and all above its significance in teaching learning process
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