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Choice Between Physics And Other Science Subjects Among Girls In Kenya   Francis Gacarira

Choice Between Physics And Other Science Subjects Among Girls In Kenya

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In Kenya, as students move from Form two to Form three, they are allowed to choose the combination of subjects to study for their terminal examination. Unfortunately, physics is considered to be the least chosen subject among the science subjects by girls. Available data indicates that most girls tend to avoid physics in there choices. Yet a steady stream of highly trained women scientists is needed. This publication provides information on the various factors that influence the choice between physics and other science subjects among girls. Empirical results identify factors that influence girls’ choice of physics and other science subjects: parents’ level of education, peer- group pressure, negative students’ attitude, stereotyping of roles as masculine or feminine, cultural values and beliefs that militate against education of girls. The results derived from the study are expected to reverse the negative attitude previously held by girls towards certain science subjects and...
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