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Rhetoric-Reality gap in Civic and Ethical Education   Mulugeta Yayeh

Rhetoric-Reality gap in Civic and Ethical Education

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The destiny of modern societies largely depends on the wholehearted and active participation of their citizens. It is through this kind of citizens that could be possible to address the multifaceted problems that engulf the modern world. As a result, the preparation of good citizens, mainly through citizenship education has become the central mission of schooling in many countries. Although much attention has been given for citizenship Education, many studies uncovered that the mission of the subject i.e. the preparation of good citizenship has not been satisfactorily realized due to the prevalence of diverse challenges. This book, therefore thoroughly investigated major challenges that encumber the proper implementation of Civic and Ethical Education. It has also showed areas of intervention that could possibly mitigate the problem. Hence, the book is expected to be valuable for all individuals (such as policy makers, curriculum developers, teacher educators, student teachers,...
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