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Easy and Secure Real Time File Sharing System   Meenu M. and Dhawaleswar Rao C.H.

Easy and Secure Real Time File Sharing System

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In a nutshell this was an attempt to develop a system, which would be more efficient than the existing system in The Exams for whom this project is meant. Afterwards, we come on the feasibility study of the proposed system. That is we considered how far our system is feasible in the different terms likewise the economic feasibility, the behavioral feasibility, technical feasibility as well as management and social feasibility. Then we analyzed whole system whether it was existing system or the proposed one. That is we considered all the problems of the existing system and all those benefits of proposed system, which will overcome the earlier system’s pitfalls. Then we finally reached the most important phase in the system development i.e. he design phase. Here we first designed through the flow charts and DFD’s. Then we designed the system using the software tools proposed in our project. It will be designed to offer easy accessible to all records to provide better...
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