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Attitude of D.Ed. Students towards Teaching - Proffession   Kudum Radhika and Nishar Ahmed

Attitude of D.Ed. Students towards Teaching - Proffession

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From times immoral, east or west, north or south throughout the globe the teacher has been worshiped by the society. In ancient India he was ranked next to god. In the west he has been called the architect of nation. From very ancient times teachers have been honoured as builders of the nation. They are the lamps that shatter darkness the light houses that guide the wondering ships & keep it away from dangerous rocks. The destiny of nation is folded with in its budding youth as it is the flower with the close. Embrace of the petals, that what out youth think today the nation will think tomorrow, its there fore highly imperative, that the children & youth be imbued with the highest educational ideas. It is in the class rooms that a nation is shaped. Schools of colleges will have to be training grounds where bodies will be covers for, where knowledge will be imported, where faculties will be sharpened, where character will be molded and where reverence will have to inculcate for higher...
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