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Enjoying Mathematics in the Flipped Classroom   Betty McDonald

Enjoying Mathematics in the Flipped Classroom

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Enduring mathematics is often the experience of many a learner. Enjoying mathematics is the joy of others. Using the flipped classroom, this book seeks to move learners from enduring mathematics to actually enjoying mathematics. Drawing from over 40 years academic experience and using a variety of techniques, this author shares the ups and downs of adventures in the flipped classroom. Using videos, poems, books, projects, journal articles, manipulatives, field trips, Problem-Based Learning (PBL), music and games, this book gives you tried-and-tested techniques in getting the flipped classroom on the go. You’ll be delighted to hear five learners from five different countries sharing their testimonies. Catering for all kinds of learning styles, graphic shareware used for mental stimulation and pictorial illustrations are intended to simplify explanations for often difficult-to-understand concepts. Even if you simply wish to reminisce on how you learned to enjoy mathematics, this book...
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