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The Effectiveness of Customer Relationship   Ayodeji Olarinoye

The Effectiveness of Customer Relationship

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Relationship marketing is very necessary in marketing today. Banks need to communicate with their customers in a well mannered way and also put their customers’ wants into consideration. This dissertation presents my interest on the topic relationship marketing and how it helps customer’s satisfaction and also leads or makes customers want to stay with their banks. Marketing is a very important aspect when running a business, business need to think in a broader aspect and stop being or sticking with the old idea of marketing. Marketing has developed and evolved. Several people supported and where instrumental in the successful completion of this dissertation and indeed the glory also goes to them. First and foremost I thank the almighty GOD for seeing me through the year of my study and helping me with my research and also being their when I need Him the most. I thank Him for giving me the grace to begin and to end this course successfully. Blessed be the Lord for He has heard the...
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