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Work-Home Role Conflict of Female Administrators in Schools   Janet Koomson

Work-Home Role Conflict of Female Administrators in Schools

108 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Women who work outside the home is now a phenomenon all over the world including developing countries. Thus female administrators, whether married or not, have multiple roles to perform. Their role outside the home as an administrator is demanding and challenging. Then they have their traditional roles as wives, mothers and managers of the home. There is the possibility of a role conflict as they balance their primary roles as homemakers and their administrative duties. The tendency is that the role conflict can create problems, which can affect their effectiveness both at the workplace and at home. The book identifies problems faced by female administrators as they try to combine their administrative duties with their household roles. Thus prospective female administrators are enlighten about possible work-home role conflict problems they are likely to encounter as they aspire to positions of responsibilities in schools and colleges.
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