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Technology and Teacher   Parveenbanu M. Malek

Technology and Teacher

316 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The writer believe are basic in preparing to teach in particular three large areas of psychological investigation, development, learning & individualization of educational programmers, seems of great potential value to teacher as a means of understanding educational problems & suggesting ways of dealing with them recent work in all three areas has contributed greatly to such understanding and to such improvement in our schools throughout childhood girls appear to be on the average more mature physiologically then boys the psychology of individual differences in largely the study of group differences humans have both internal and external sources of arousal the external source is the stimulation provided by the environment. Expectancy is a momentary belief that a particular outcome will follow a particular act. Incentives are actual goal objects for human beings they can be concrete as symbolic rewards. They incite arouse and move to action when they are associated with certain...
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