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Teaching Learning Process - Learning Theories   Parveenbanu M. Malek

Teaching Learning Process - Learning Theories

372 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Psychology is a vast subject with many crucial aspects related to Learning theories, different approach, and communication, models of teaching etc… which make the subject complicated and difficult to comprehend. The concept of learning has been enlarged in modern times. The teacher must be aware of their role in building healthy teaching learning process and caring for those who need. In none of these fields can the teacher function efficiently without a working knowledge of psychology. It is not enough to learn facts and theory only. The teacher needs to get an understanding of psychology that she/he can use in her/his daily work. I hope at least some of our teachers develop a keen interest in stimulating subject and will do independent study, going in the end for beyond the scope and depth of this book; I have drawn the illustrations, pictures, diagrams and examples used in this book from daily life. An effort has been made to keep them simple, useful and similar to situations that...
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