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Perspectives On Private Tuition   Arul Lawrence A. S.

Perspectives On Private Tuition

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book deals with the perspectives on private tuition. The existing system of school education gives much importance to ranks and grades and admittance to higher education and professional courses, by and large, depends on the achievement in the terminal examinations of the higher secondary course. Scoring high marks in the +2 examinations ensures a professional or non-professional course seat. It is in this prevalent context, arranging private tuition voluntarily or sending their wards forcibly for gaining higher scores in the examinations have become a common practice, though it is technically illegal. It is this plane that has kindled the interest on the part of the investigator forming the significance of the study to research into the perspectives on private tuition. Data for the study were collected using self-made Attitude Scale on Private Tuition. The samples were collected from students, teachers, parents, tutors, educators and the public people of India. Based on the...
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