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The value of tacit knowledge sharing   Mooketsi Ramanteba

The value of tacit knowledge sharing

124 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study concerns itself with two issues, (i) quality concerns about the MBAand (ii) increasing importance of knowledge management, especially tacitknowledge in the business world.The MBA course of study was established as a measure to prepare individualsaspiring to be managers for leadership positions and was originally targeted atthe cream of employees. There are several expectations placed on employeeswhen they are sent by their employers to do an MBA. Among these expectationsare that employees are expected to tap into the experience of fellow studentswhile on the program, improve their leadership and management skills, getexposure to knowledge on other fields and to acquire practical business solutions.It is said, though, that the MBA study programme is currently not meeting thedesired expectations of the business world, which has, hence, led to thedevaluation of this programme as a premier business education course.Conversely, knowledge management has gained significant...
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