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Cyberbullying: Concerns And Solutions In A Digital World   Alan McLean

Cyberbullying: Concerns And Solutions In A Digital World

152 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The relative ease by which the internet can be accessed has given way to a new form of bullying. Coined cyberbullying by Bill Belsey in 1999, victims of online abuse can be attacked via websites, chat rooms, instant messages, online journals, blogs, or cell phone text messages. Since these attacks can occur at all hours of the day to millions of people worldwide in an instant, cyberbullies can easily extend the network of abuse their victims experience in minutes. As students become more adept at accessing and navigating the internet, schools must become more active to help educate students, parents, and teachers about cyberbullying and how to help prevent such abuse. Furthermore, with the evolution of cell phone capabilities to record and download information and videos to the internet, schools face added pressure to combat cyberbullying, since such phones can record incidences at school that can be easily placed on the internet for many to see. As the technology...
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