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Job Satisfaction Among College Teachers   Karambir Singh and Dharminder Singh Ubha

Job Satisfaction Among College Teachers

272 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Higher education has always been considered as a catalyst of overall development by the policymakers from the time India got its independence. Since the early 1950’s, higher education system has been diversified and extended its reach and coverage quite significantly so as to achieve the goals of national importance. But to achieve the objectives, it is the well being of human resources involved in the education system i.e. the Teachers that matters the most. The satisfied lot of Teachers can contribute a lot towards the achievement of goals of national importance. In the state of Punjab, Higher education is provided by both Professional and Non-Professional Institutions. There are glaring differences in the working environment and organizational culture of Professional Institutions and Non-Professional Institutions. These differences are visibly quite strong enough to have impact on the personality and working style of the Teachers working there. Whether it will lead to higher Job...
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