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Influence of Education on Maternity Care   Megha Raj Dhakal

Influence of Education on Maternity Care

348 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Relationship between education and utilization of maternity care services is expected to be positive in all societies. However the degree of relationship between education and utilization of health services may be weakened by various factors. Very little research exists in Nepal which addresses this issue. This book first observes the influence of education on maternity care through reproductive behaviors, access to and utilization of available health care services. By using the logistic regression analysis, it examined the gross and the net effects of education on maternity care controlling other socio-economic factors aiming to explore the most influential one. Moreover, psychometric test, inter- disciplinary approach, mixed method were used in this study. In addition, it has been contributed to fulfill the gap of previous research by constructing several indicators of empowerment, equity, satisfaction, responsibility and plans for maternity care. It is useful to policy makers,...
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