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Problems Faced by VIII Class Students in Learning Geometry   Vijay Bhaskar

Problems Faced by VIII Class Students in Learning Geometry

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education is a process which contributes to the natural and harmonious development of man’s innate powers, brings about complete development of his individuality, results into desirable behavior changes and ultimately prepares him for good life. Education transforms human beings into human resources. It prepares leader of different walks of life namely scientific technology, intellectual, social, political and cultural. Ever since the dawn of civilization, Mathematics has continued to influence every aspect of the life of man and has become a part of culture all over the world. The researcher suggests the future researchers for further study on the following aspects. The present study is confined only to some selected schools in and around Nellore City. The present piece of study is limited only to 280, VIII class student. The study can be extended to residential schools also. Only certain variables are studied in this study due to lack of time and other factors. So, the study may be...
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