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Occupational Stress Among Secondary School Teachers   Ripudaman Singh,Er. Indpreet Kaur and Er. Arshdeep Singh

Occupational Stress Among Secondary School Teachers

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Everyone in this world faces stress in some or other area of life. In this modern world, man is making various kinds of adjustments in his social, psychological, economical, religious and political spheres , these adjustment problems have become manifold in the recent years due to multifactor causes such as individualization, urbanization, industrialization and many more. An individual does not feel satisfied with what he has and is always in search of what he does not possess. This constant lure to have more has led him to lead a life full of stresses and strains and so modern life is full of stresses and strains. Stress is a fact and part of life and is as old as life. It is all around us - at work, in our environment and in our personal lives. Teaching can be a stressful occupation. The daily interactions with students and coworkers and the incessant and fragmented demands of teaching often lead to overwhelming pressures and challenges, which may lead to stress. Where work stress...
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