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An Evaluation of scaffolds in Regeneration of Necrotic Immature Teeth   Isha Narang Neelam Mittal

An Evaluation of scaffolds in Regeneration of Necrotic Immature Teeth

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Introduction This study was designed as a clinical trial to evaluate and compare the regenerative potential of Platelet rich Fibrin, Platelet rich Plasma and Blood Clot in immature necrotic permanent teeth with or without associated apical periodontitis. Methods Access preparation was done under rubber dam isolation. Copious irrigation was done with 2.5% NaOCl and triple antibiotic paste was placed as an intracanal medicament. After 4 weeks, the cases were divided into four groups. The study design had 3 test arms (Blood clot, PRP and PRF) and 1 control arm (Apexification). Results The clinical and radiographic evaluation was done by two independent observers who were blinded from the groups. The scoring was done as: None score was denoted by -, Fair by 1, Good by 2 and Excellent by 3. The data was then analyzed statistically by Fisher’s exact test using STATA11.1 which showed statistically significant values in Group III as compared to other Groups. Conclusion Platelet...
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