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Motivation of university support staff to improve work performance   Marcellus Mbah

Motivation of university support staff to improve work performance

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although much as has been written on the subject of motivation, an attempt to uncover written literatures on motivation within the context of university support staff may appear a difficult task. This piece of work which is mainly the outcome of a review of relevant literatures and lessons gained from my experience while serving as a university staff in an African context starts by identifying who support staff in an institution of higher learning are and the reasons why they should be motivated. Informed by different motivational theories, it identifies management's catalytic role in support staff motivation which could result in a rise in work performance and subsequent progress of the university. Furthermore, this publication argues that support staff performance appraisal can be a useful tool to ascertain the effect of institutionalized motivational schemes on work performance. It concludes by maintaining that human motivation is complex as evident by variances in human needs,...
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