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Culina Mediterranea  

Culina Mediterranea

230x300 800 страниц. 2008 год.
HF Ullmann
Culina Mediterranea offers a new and unique insight into the world's most popular cuisine. While pasta and tortilla, Bouillabaisse and creme brulee have long been accepted as an enrichment of our menus, this volume invites you to discover the extraordinary diversity of the Southern European and North African cuisine of the Mediterranean. How about a pilaf from the Aegean, or an Anatolian lamb stew? Lobster couscous with watercress cream or Tunisian-style red mullet? And to top it off, a rose dessert, Sultan's roulade, sesame Takoua with orange-flower water, or date pastry, Mqaret, from Malta? 92 master chefs and pastry cooks from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Tunisia, and Morocco are presenting a total of 380 traditional and original recipes. Furthermore, they give tips for the preparation and offer background information on their countries' culinary traditions, wetting your appetite for new Mediterranean and oriental delicacies. A varied panorama of...
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