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A Study of Environment Awareness of Secondary School Teachers   Leelavathi Kukati and Neeraja Purini

A Study of Environment Awareness of Secondary School Teachers

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Based on this Book people should understand the environmental awareness among secondary school teachers in chittoor district. And also able to know the teachers attitude about environmental awareness.In this many tools were used to collect information regarding environment awareness. On the light of the study we can conclude that the locality and gender didn't make much difference in Environmental Awareness. Where as the science and Maths students are slightly more aware than language and History teachers. Especially we should create more Awareness among the history optional teachers. Finally I submit that it is no more unrealistic than those who think that the current model of technology development can sustain us for ever. We are collapsing and taking the earth down with us. We have no option but think boldly of different ideas if we want to survive in this world, then without any hesitation, we need to protect the environment.This book can give an idea of further research regarding...
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