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Nomadic Girls' Education   Paul Huka Kalla

Nomadic Girls' Education

164 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The right to education is clearly articulated in core international and national instruments. The vital role played by education in the socio-economic development of every country is universally recognised. There is a close relationship between the level of socio-economic development of a society and the average education level attained by its populace.Oxfam(2005) clearly notes that it is estimated that there are between 25 to 40 million children of school age living in nomadic pastoralist household of whom only 10-50% attend school. The book by interpreting the hindrances to access and completion of primary education of nomadic pastoralist girls will fore ground why girls are most vulnerable group suffering the repression of failure to access and complete formal education. The book therefore suggests the best practical ways of ensuring access and completion of primary education by pastoral nomadic girls to both parents and the policy makers in the Ministry of Education.
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