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How to Train Your Students for Entrepreneurship   Betty McDonald

How to Train Your Students for Entrepreneurship

148 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Anyone planning to become an entrepreneur would most likely take courses in entrepreneurship if they are available. This book is all about teaching educators how to train their students in entrepreneurship during their normal courses regardless of discipline specificity. Mimicking the traditional education cycle of curriculum, pedagogy, learning and assessment, you’ll love the way in which topics are interwoven into the curriculum so that the task actually feels more enjoyable and you feel motivated to give of your best. Drawing from over 40 years academic experience, the author discusses thinking outside the box; questioning techniques; critical thinking; teamwork; independent thought; communication skills; sustainable development; reflection; teachable moments; flipping the conversation; flipped classroom; conversation circles; decision making; problem-based learning; learning spaces; appreciative inquiry; assessment; coping with stress; technology; emotional intelligence; project...
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