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Career Aspiration: Personality Types, A Major Determining Factor   Peris S. Ngala,Shikuku Mulambula and Shadrack Ogoma

Career Aspiration: Personality Types, A Major Determining Factor

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book addresses high school students' aspirations and give a direction to the Guidance & Counsellig teacher on career guidance and placement, in Kenya. From reviewed literature collected from Kenya's contemporary society, there has been hardly any Career guidance offered in schools to students and explains why Kenyans end up in wrong Careers.Through quantitative and qualitative data analysis, the authors observed that there is need to consider Personality type of individual students in helping them to choose their Careers.This will bring gain to society because people will offer good services and their talent and drive are fully utilized.This book is resourceful to counsellors,parents, students, ministry of education and policy makers worldwide.
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