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Female Education   Shazia Naureen

Female Education

216 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Equal opportunities for female education is the key factor contributing to social development, progress and prosperity of a nation. Female constitutes almost half of the total population of world, therefore development is impossible if half of the nation is illiterate. All developing countries including Pakistan have limited indigenous resources and cannot be expected to develop all social sectors with their limited annual budget. They tended to rely therefore on loans and aid from foreign agencies, countries and banks to augment their own meager resources. The book aims at the evaluation of foreign aided girls’ ongoing primary education development project in particular with reference to qualitative improvement and quantitative expansion. In order to highlight the comparative impact of foreign aid, instruments were administered to the stakeholders of government girls’ primary schools in the same vicinity as community model schools. The findings of the research reflected that in this...
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