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Marketing of Refractory Products   Saikat Gochhait

Marketing of Refractory Products

292 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this book, a sectoral review of the Refractory industries across the world was taken into consideration. The emphasis was laid down in finding out to know the competitive advantages, which the large Indian Refractory Companies have created overtime and their adaptation to the changing environment. It was analyzed the marketing potential and prospects of the Refractory industries . This study focuses on the major companies in the Refractory sector located , namely Tata Refractories Ltd, Indo Flogate Refractories Ltd, Manishri Refractories and Ceramics Pvt. Ltd and OCL and RHI For the purpose of investigation, both primary as well as secondary source of information was collected to get the results. Many books on the related topic like books on steel marketing, competitive advantage, business research methods etc. were also consulted along with a number of visits to the libraries for research purpose. Related quotes and texts have been mentioned in the literature review...
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