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On motivation and method in high education   Jose Manuel Frometa

On motivation and method in high education

196 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Behind any occupation there is a professor, and behind every professor another professor. The literature dedicated to elevate the effectiveness of the educational act is plentiful, especially in Didactics although maybe with a lot of theory and little contribution to the teacher's daily practice. The present book locates the professor in the main categories and structural elements of the educational university activity highlighting the relationship of the educational and the instructive spheres, with the spiritual elements now as goals, now as springs or means in acquiring the knowledge. Rationality, education, ability, reasoning and method, are solid lattice to which is subordinated the pragmatic intent of endowing the university professor whit the effective tools for a competent act. If frequently affects the dispersion of the scientific baggage that do the professors end up burdening in exercise, till create interpretive contradictions, even important un-motivations in many of...
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