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Nepali Migrant Entrepreneurs in Denmark and Sweden   Prabin K. Prajapati

Nepali Migrant Entrepreneurs in Denmark and Sweden

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is a research work done among Nepali migrants who are involved in different kinds of businesses in Scandinavia. These businessmen or entrepreneurs were explored in terms of their experiences regarding migration, strategy and adaptability in context to Scandinavian region particularly Denmark and Sweden. The research has attempted to find the answers of following questions: What are the strategies and traits in adaptation process? Where do Nepali migrant entrepreneurs position themselves? What are the motives behind building organizations and networks in destination? Who are Nepalese entrepreneurs in Scandinavian context? Does this particular phenomenon have any significance in exploratory approach from social science perspective? Answers to these questions will add further knowledge to specific Nepalese migration phenomena their adaptability and learning experience in this region. Various exploration tools were used to identify the focal group and a set of semi structured...
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